Sacha Baron Cohen’s cousin called in to advise Miliband on empathy |

It’s reported that Ed Miliband is consulting a leading expert on autism to help him further understand the politics of empathy.

The expert in question is Simon Baron-Cohen who is a Professor ofPsychopathology at the University of Cambridge and is also the cousin of Sacha Baron Cohen (the creator of Ali G). Alongside his extensive research, one of the books that Baron-Cohen has written examines how concern for others manifests itself in the brain, and   argues that the ability to empathise is a fundamental requirement to be a successful political leader.

“His office contacted me this time last summer. They asked me if I’d meet him because Ed had read my book. He invited me to talk to him about the politics of empathy.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially after Miliband’s speech on Friday where he used the word empathy six times and explained that he thought  “decency and empathy are the most underrated virtues” in politics.