Restorative Communication collaborates with Colorado based ‘Full Circle Restorative Justice’

We are proud to announce that Restorative Communication hosted the esteemed Executive Director of Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRC) in March 2017. 

Executive Director Patricia LaTaille joined us for a number of collaborative meetings and workshops where we shared not only our visions for effective, affordable, and available systems of justice but also collaborated on the practical methods we have separately been using as we pursue these goals. 

 Ms LaTaille generously shared details of how she has grown a fledgling operation into a community resources that is embraced by schools and local law enforcement over the last decade. Her dedication to systems of justice that embrace healing, are community based and aim to restore rather than punish is evident in her success and in the passion with which she communicates the work she does.

Restorative Communication thanks FCRC for loaning us their most valuable resource and we look forward to making the most of what she has shared with us here in Australia. With some luck and planning we hope to bring Ms LaTaille back to Australia in future.