Resources for Teaching Empathy: Empathy in the Classroom: Why Should I Care?

Resources for Teaching Empathy
So now what? You’re convinced that empathy is important to integrate in your curriculum, but where do you start?

Fortunately, other educators have wondered the same thing, and many already provide lesson plans and ideas for how to incorporate and increase empathy in the classroom.

Here are a few:

Miranda McKearney and Sarah Mears suggest incorporating reading in their article “Lost for words? How reading can teach children empathy.” offers lesson plans centered around empathy.

Ashoka lists different strategies to incorporate empathy across different educational contexts, as well as a toolkit for increasing empathy within schools (PDF).

Dr. Karyn Gordon provides some practical tips in TEACH Magazine’s article “Dr. Karyn Gordon: Creating Empathy and Gratitude in the Classroom.”

Teaching Tolerance describes a variety of strategies for helping to build a positive classroom culture that can include empathy.
Do you teach empathy in your classroom? Please tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.