Resistance to Empathy – the Presentation – at the Intl’ Psychoanalytic Assoc., Boston

Resistance to empathy takes many forms. Resistance to empathy includes those factors coming from the therapist, those from the patient, including those emerging in the interaction, and those from the culture at large.

Although “the culture” is distinct from “the system delivering mental health services” and differentfrom Racker’s “countertransference to the psychoanalytic organization,” especially by thosein training (Racker 1968), for purposes of this discussion, the three are considered together.

They are ideal types and mixed cases are frequent. This article engages the details of resistances to empathy. Clinical cases exemplifying empathic narratives, as one patient expresses it, of the “Freud [sic, fraud] of psychiatric diagnosis”and related are explored.

Empathy and Its Inauthenticities.