Report from First International Empathy Trainers Association (IETA) Meeting:  Saturday, May 28, 2016

I’m placing the record of the meeting on the IETA website. Video, links, drawings, etc. It has our Next Steps list as well.


Next meeting is June 8th, 10am to 12pm (PST Pacific Time)


by Kathy McGuire
As a participant, I will give my own small summary of the meeting (of course, just my point of view. See overview in the wonderful attached drawings and the raw data where Edwin has posted our notes during the meeting)

There were five of us,

Edwin Rutsch, our organizer and director of the Center for building a culture of empathy;


Mireille van Bremen, a young Non-Violent Communication (NVC) person who is also our wonderful graphic designer; thanks to Mireille van Bremen for the graphic recording.


Raj Gill, a long-time NVC trainer now with a leadership role in that community;


Lou Agosta a philosopher/psychologist/scholar who has written books about empathy but also has a radio program for spreading empathy;


Kathy McGuire, and myself, a long time teacher of Empathic Listening and Gendlin’s Focusing (a method of self-empathy) in building supportive communities or “empathy circles.”