Reimaging Empathy: The Transformative Nature of Empathy | Paul Parkin | TEDxUVU

Paul Parkin is a teacher, speaker, and researcher that focuses on relational communication. With over 10 years’ experience teaching at various universities, he began teaching at UVU in the Fall of 2014. His doctoral dissertation research focuses on the power of empathy

Paul has a passion for teaching and for facilitating transformative change in and out of the classroom. He has won multiple teaching awards, the most recent being the prestigious University of Utah Student’s Choice Teaching Award (2013). He has a Master’s Degree from California State University, Sacramento, in instructional and leadership communication, and will graduate this year with a Ph.D from the University of Utah. As a speaker, Paul has presented to a variety of groups across the U.S. and has provided communication, leadership, and personal growth trainings for various companies and corporations.