Restorative Justice ‘Circles’ Intro

This is an introduction day to the subject of a particular type of Restorative Justice called ‘Restorative Circles’ developed by Dominic Barter in the Favelas of Brazil, and now in use around the world.

You will learn about its development, application and structure. It’s followed by two days of experiential workshops. If you attend the first day and wish to attend the second two you can book on the day. (if places are available)

Nil prerequisites.

We are passionate about sharing this alternative to punitive justice and do not want the cost of training to be a hindrance to your exposure to the material. A budget days training typically costs over $200 in today’s market. We have spent tens of thousands acquiring the skills and knowledge we deliver in these sessions and have also invested in the logistics of this training session. We invite you to see payment as an investment in a non-violent, sustainable cultural shift for not only you but others who may be introduced to the material, so please, invest what you can. The minimum booking fee is $40.

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