Practical Empathy

Empathy is your tool for understanding how people think and feel. Schooling your thoughts to think and feel the way someone else does is a powerful way to do a lot of things, including design and guiding the direction of your work.


Conventional design methods begin with a solution already sketched out, then spend time, effort, and money trying to get this idea to be successful. Empathy looks at the background reasoning that motivates a person to do something. Using empathy you can see a broader landscape of possible solutions and opportunities for your organization.

Free yourself from existing solutions and current constraints.Clarify who you are solving the problems for.Simplify your way of looking at difficult problems.Decide with confidence what to create so that it will support what people intend to do.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Do You Mean by Empathy?

Chapter 2: Benefits – Why Develop Empathy?

Chapter 3: Gather Stories & Perspectives

Chapter 4: Interpret & Summarize

Chapter 5: Applying Empathy in Your Work