Practical Empathy for Powerful Decision Making – Indi Young’s July 16 Virtual Seminar

When navigating obstacles, we often turn to well-established solutions and get stuck churning in that problem space. We become cyclical and self-referential. Involving others and developing empathy can bring fresh input, perspective, and ideas.

In Practical Empathy for Powerful Decision Making, Indi Young teaches you the different types of empathy, how to develop it, and some tips for persuading the people around you to pay more attention to this powerful tool.

Attend this seminar if you want to learn:

  • How empathy can actually be used in your work and the most reliable, repeatable kind
  • Differences between developing empathy using listening sessions and traditional user research through user interviews
  • How to set up a practice to develop empathy
  • Tips to help those around you understand how investing in developing empathy can improve your work