Practical Empathy: For Collaboration and Creativity in Your Work. Indi Young and Edwin Rutsch

“Indi Young is an expert consultant in user experience, offering her services in empathy research, strategy, and redesign to organizations around the world. She has helped with digital applications, services, process design, and content strategy.


Indi is author of, Practical Empathy: For Collaboration and Creativity in Your Work.  (Put in the promotion code “CULTURE” for a book discount on the Rosenfeld publisher website)

“Conventional product development focuses on the solution.  Empathy is a mindset that focuses on people, helping  you to understand their thinking patterns  and perspectives.”

From the book forward. Indi Youngs book is a practical manual for practicing empathy, which is a skill, not an innate talent. Empathy is a mindset that can be learned and improved with practice. There are best practices, techniques, and tools that help you get your own ego out of the picture and focus on what things are like from another persons perspective.

It is not easy to do really well, but it is worth doing really well! And Indis book shows you how to do it. Practical Empathy offers advice on how to practice an empathetic mindset toward other people involved in the conception, design, or implementation of a product.