Policy Platform

Jim Manske’s insight:
From our colleague in Australia, Dorset Campbell-Ross: Whoo hoo! I do love being the bearer of good news! I’m celebrating (what I believe to be) the creation of the first political party in the world to be committed to applying the principles of NVC! (please do correct me if I’m ignorant of another) The party is called the Wellbeing Party – http://www.wellbeingparty.org/ – and if you scroll down the home page you will notice they refer to NVC as Compassionate Communication, following the requests of CNVC. Thank you, Paulette Bray-Narai, for bringing this to my attention. I am a member, so my celebration may be biased! If this party gets the exposure and success I hope they get, we may be taking a quantum leap forward in world NVC consciousness. Big hugs to you all, Dorset