Persona Empathy Mapping 

Empathy Mapping helps us consider how other people are thinking and feeling.


Typically, research notes are categorized based on what the research interviewees were thinking, feeling, doing, seeing, and hearing as they engaged with your product. It helps your team zoom out from focusing on behaviors to consider the users’ emotions and experience as well…


How does Persona Empathy Mapping help?

  • It reveals the underlying “why” behind users’ actions, choices and decisions so we can proactively design for their real needs – those that are difficult for users’ to perceive and articulate.
  • It sticks. It invites others to internalize parts of the users’ experience in ways that listening to or reading a report cannot.
  • It paves the way for innovative design concepts to be revealed. Now that the stakeholders understand the user’s situations, they are able to quickly understand how slight design changes can make a big impact on users.