Patients (and Insurers) to Doctors: More Empathy, Please!

If you work in a hospital, an outpatient practice owned by a hospital, or an independent practice, or if you are a member of an accountable care organization (ACO), training in how to empathically communicate with patients may be in your future.

That’s because the traditional paradigm for good bedside manner—detached concern—is now being viewed by insurers, health plans, and hospital systems as being too detached, when surveys show that patients want more interpersonal connectedness with and trust in their physicians….

  • What is a patient-centered approach?
  • And what if you aren’t given to displays of feeling?
  • Can you learn to express your empathy in ways that will resonate with patients?
  • If you do manage to improve your skills, given the brevity of patient visits, will you actually have time to put them into practice?

Let’s take a look…

Neil Chesanow