Patient Experience, Empathy Innovation Summit – Empathy Amplified Award

Patient care is more than just healing — it’s building a connection that encompasses mind, body and soul. If you could stand in someone else’s shoes . . . hear what they hear. See what they see. Feel what they feel. Would you treat them differently?

Empathy is the ability to imagine oneself in another’s place and to communicate that understanding back to. The Empathy Amplified Award is an annual award created to recognize those that embody empathy and relationship centered care beyond what is expected in their role.


By delivering care with our hearts and minds, the empathy we convey to our patients, families, and to each other, creates a culture that embraces the human experience…the very core of healthcare.


  • Recognize a caregiver (healthcare professional, frontline staff, social workers, teams, etc.) who consistently demonstrates an exceptional ability to communicate empathy
  • Celebrate those who innovate in their role to deliver empathy consistently