Patient Experience, Empathy Innovation Summit 2014 – May 18-21, 2014

Beyond Standing In Their Shoes: Projecting Empathy From Your Feet Up Kirste Carlson, DNP, CNS, Cleveland Clinic 

Session Detail
In this session we will focus on how our embodied self-awareness (the ability to pay attention to our own sense experience the moment) can enable us to better convey our empathy to others in clinical situations, and make our work less draining and stressful for us. The bulk of the time will be spent in experiential exercises followed by solo and shared reflection on participants’ resulting self-discoveries. Breathing, posture and grounding of one’s own weight in relationship to the other will be emphasized.
Breakout C Team Intelligence: Building the Necessary Skills to Create the Best Patient Experience Suzanne Gordon, Journalist and Author 

Session Detail
There has never been more talk of teams and teamwork in healthcare. But what does it take to work on a team. What infrastructure must be built if teamwork is to be not just rhetoric but reality? What skills must be taught and how must they be taught in order to make the patient safety a reality and the patient experience not only satisfactory but superb? This workshop will explore the skills needed to develop and promote team intelligence in healthcare settings.