Pathways to Empathy

Three decades after the publication of Arlie Russell Hochschild’s The Managed Heart, the processes of commodification of emotion she wrote about now reach into all areas of labor processes, extending even to private life and intimate relationships.


The contributors to this volume take up her concepts to study the diversity of this economic intrusion into family, education, and nursing in the service sector as well as into corporate management. Aside from the powers and interests that force these developments, these essays argue, there are also productive uses and active resistances to them.




Getting There: From Impediments to Pathways to Empathy

Gertraud Koch and Stefanie Everke Buchanan


Foundations Empathy Maps

Arlie Russell Hochschild


Family and Work Life

Caring for Young and Old: The Care-giving Bind in Late-forming Families

Nancy Konvalinka


Channeling Time and Energy into Work and Home: The Rationales of Americans and Norwegians

Jeremy Schulz