Our Work


Restorative Communication has no fixed place of business. Until the beginning of 2020 we ran training on our clients cites. Since the begining of the COVID pandemic we made the decision to pause operations. We remain on pause until further notice.

Who are we?

The principals of Restorative Communication are Phoebe and Andrew Crane


Phoebe has formal training in Psychology, Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Leaving a thriving practice in Sydney following a serious physical injury she moved to the Mid North Coast of NSW. No longer able to undertake her previous work, and following a number of further serious incidents, Phoebe set about contributing to suicide intervention and supporting teens excluded from mainstream schooling.

Phoebe has received many hours of formal training under Certified NVC Trainers, the founder of NVC Dr Marshal B. Rosenberg and others. She has honed the skills afforded by NVC in suicide prevention, crisis intervention, mindfulness training, bereavement support and other contexts.

She has also received training from the founder of Restorative Circles, Dominic Barter, who pioneered a system of restorative justice from within the favelas of Brazil that is now in use across a diverse range of organisations around the world.

Phoebe has been instrumental in setting up self-sustaining, Restorative Justice systems within organisations using Restorative Circles.


Andrew has almost 30 years’ experience working as a health professional and educator of health professionals. His experience includes working in clinical and management roles for some of Australia’s largest charitable care providers.

He sought training as a counsellor and has worked within a busy counselling practice in Sydney which he found added great depth to his ability to provide training in the areas of Grief and Loss within the Aged Care industry.

Following their move to the Mid North Coast, Andrew sought to contribute to his community differently and became a successful Plain Clothes Police Officer. This experience propelled him into the work of Dr Rosenberg where he has undergone many hours direct instruction and provided many hours of training to various audiences.

Travelling to North America, and Germany he undertook a study of Dominic Barters work on Restorative Circles and has subsequently integrated much of that training into his work as an educator of health professionals.


Phoebe and Andrew are uniquely skilled in the application and communication of both NVC and Restorative Justice. Having experience across the Health Care, Aged Care, Law Enforcement, Education, Entertainment and Counselling sectors has instilled in the pair an awareness of what these sectors have to gain from integrating these paradigm-shifting skills.

They have seen the competitive edge these skills afford, and their ‘real life’ utility and are driven to share them.