Our lack of racial empathy is appalling

Dean Obeidallah says if we don’t get past the knee jerking defensiveness when discussing race, we will likely be burying more Trayvons.


 The George Zimmerman trial has made one thing crystal clear. When racial issues arise, we tend to unquestionably cheer for our own race like it’s a sporting match. There’s little regard for the arguments or feelings of those from another race.


Is the racial empathy gap in America growing? It seems so. At least judging by the chatter of comments surrounding the trial.

I heard repeatedly the statement from some Zimmerman supporters — including a radio show host on Monday morning who is far from being a racist — that “94% of black murder victims were killed by other blacks.”


So instead of being empathetic to the Martin family — whose son Trayvon was killed by Zimmerman — the words discounted the killing by essentially saying that black people kill each other so much so why should we care about this one black kid?