Open your mind: Roman K on Empathy « Psychologies

Few of us are as open minded as we’d like to believe. It takes effort to challenge your prejudices and become a more flexible thinker. But the road to empathy is intensely rewarding, once you learn the steps. Psychologies Deputy editor Lauren Hadden speaks to cultural thinker Roman Krznaric about opening our hearts and freeing our minds.

Step 1 (IS EASY)

Read a book or watch a film: History and culture can teach us a huge amount about how to shift our thinking and challenge our own prejudices. Start by watching, or rewatching, Schindler’s List, an inspiring film about a paid-up member of the Nazi party who gradually goes through a transformation and begins to humanise others. ‘Watch and notice the moments where he overcomes his prejudice and becomes a flexible thinker,’ says Krznaric.