Online Course: The Stress Solution – Using Empathy to Reduce Anxiety & Develop Resilience. With Arthur Ciaramicoli & Edwin Rutsch. Aug 11, 2016

 “Empathy calms the emotional brain so that we can perceive situations and interactions accurately and thoughtfully. With empathy, we produce our own natural stress-reducing chemicals that create calm, focused energy, allowing us to do and be our best.”


Clinical psychologist Arthur Ciaramicoli, author of The Stress Solution and Edwin Rutsch, founder and director of the Center for Building  a Culture of Empathy are developing an interactive course to address and resolve the growing stress, anxiety and fear in America. The role of empathy and how it changes brain chemistry and creates open-minded thinking versus how stress produces certain chemical changes that produces narrow, black and white thinking are central components featured throughout the book.


Edwin and Arthur will interact and discuss chapter 3, Empathic Listening with 5 individuals online and we are seeking many others to participate by writing in your reactions to the discussion or with any questions you may have about the content of the discussion in real time.


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