Occupy Empathy Tent – Feb 24, 2015

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I set up the empathy tent yesterday in downtown Berkeley and hope to set up again tomorrow. 

The city will not give a permit so I set up without one under the 1st amendment free speech and expression. The city didn’t give me any trouble so far. We’ll see what happens. I’ve offered to have a empathic dialog about this issue with the city officials but they say they are too busy. If they try to give me a citation I will not accept it, I’ll only support an empathic dialog. Not accepting a citation could mean 72 hours of jail time for me.

I talked to 50 people or more. Handed out a couple hundred flyers, started wearing the empathy t-shirt that David Hazen made.

We now need to start expanding the empathic space and make it more engaging and inviting. I can only carry the tent, so we need more people involved to bring chairs, etc. to fill in the space.

  • I talked with some street musicians about bring in music.
  • Some students said they were interested in learning empathic listening and offering it to the homeless in the area.
  • We are talking with various people to host empathic dialogs between different groups in the area to address various tensions.
  • We need to keep designing and iterating and creating an empathic space and movement.