Occupy Empathy Nov 1 Deployment in Berkeley!

We set up the Occupy Empathy Tent at the Berkeley Post Office Saturday. There is a protest there about the Post Office closing and sale. The first photo is with Congresswoman Barbara Lee in the foreground speaking with the empathy tent in the background. 

At the Tent we held empathy circles, did empathic listening and had a lot of interesting and connecting interactions.

Some of the protesters stayed in the tent overnight.. I’m looking for Occupy Empathy supporters to help us set up near the downtown Berkeley BART station.. 

Are you willing to do more than talk about empathy and start actively supporting the Occupy Empathy movement?

First way you can support Occupy Empathy is to get the word out by sharing these links. Then come to our meetings and let’s meet online. 

Occupy Empathy Links.
Home http://cultureofempathy.com/occupyempathy/
Facebook Event: Online meetings http://j.mp/1uHT1YG
Facebook Event: Berkeley meetings http://j.mp/1zmJoqj
Report on Oct 12 Deployment in Berkeley http://j.mp/1uHSFl0 
Empathy Tent Page http://bit.ly/xpwwUU 
Empathy Cafe Facebook Group http://j.mp/1wwiwAB

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