NVC Boston | Upcoming Events The Art of Empathy Workshop

An interactive, daylong communication workshop based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg.

Would you like to increase your ability to empathize in the moment w yourself and others?
Do you seem to have an intellectual understanding of NVC — maybe you have read the book or watched some videos — yet you still struggle to access compassion in the daily conflicts of life?

Please consider joining us for this day in which we will focus on transforming any judgmental thought by translating it into feelings and needs.
In group exercises and structured role plays you will be answering these two crucial questions:
When I am judging something as wrong what emotion am I feeling and what values of mine are at stake?
And that person who is doing/saying that thing I hate/fear, what need are they trying to meet, just like me?
Experiencing these two transformative questions is the basis for an empathic relationship to oneself and others. It is also crucial in any productive dialogue or negotiation: we need to understand ourselves and hear others.

This workshop will be taught by NVC Trainer, Paul Merrill