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GfK 4 (Deutsch)

Vendors Description Mit diesem GfK-Spiel können die vier Unterscheidungsschritte derGewaltfreien Kommunikation (GfK) von Marshall B. Rosenberg geübt werden, d.h . das Unterscheiden zwischen Beobachtung und Interpretation, Gefühl und Gedanke, Bedürfnis und Strategie und zwischen GfK-Bitte und Sonstigem.       These apps are third party software. Restorative Communication is not […]

Peace Process

Vendors Description Did you hear something that bothered you? It could have been in your work or personal life. Maybe you heard it from a friend, a relative, or a coworker. Maybe it was something you told yourself. Get some peace of mind with Peace Process! Peace Process guides you […]

NVC Dialogue

Vendors Description NVC DIALOGUE is the first App of the NVC Dance Floors, a set of interactive learning maps based on the Nonviolent Communication process (NVC). It brings THE 13 STEP DANCE to your interactive screen. This Dance is used worldwide, because it helps people transform their conversations       […]

NVC Check-In

Vendors Description The NVC (TM) Check-In app helps you at the moments when you wish to connect with yourself or another. Using the model ofNonviolent Communication (NVC), you gradually become aware of what you observe, what you feel, what you need and what you could do (or ask others to […]

BBC’s Tony Hawks on Marshall Rosenberg

BBC’s Tony Hawks on Marshall Rosenberg   Marshall Rosenberg was the stern faced creator of nonviolent communication, a man who spent his life finding ways to eradicate hate. Often armed only with his trademark giraffe and jackal puppets, Rosenberg toured the world teaching a new way of speaking. Some of […]