New Private Empathy Circles Forming with Edwin Rutsch – most effective way to practice & deepen empathy

I’ll be offering a series of private weekly Empathy Circles via online Google Hangouts. Each Empathy Circle is limited to four people and is 1.5 hours. After years of; practicing and studying empathy, interviewing 100’s of the world’s top experts on empathy and compassion, holding hundreds of Empathy Circles, I have found these circles to be absolutely the most effective way to experience, practice and deepen the benefits of empathy. Many more benefits, see

How it Works and What to Expect
Empathy Circles are a quiet space that gives you the time to be listened to through reflective dialog, where your conversation is uninterrupted and then reflected back to you until you feel that you have been fully heard, seen and validated to your satisfaction. We accompany each other in our personal journeys. These circles of equal peers serve as a platform for nurturing and developing deeper empathy. They are a foundational base and first step in a curriculum of empathy based processes, skills and way of life.