New Empathy Training Lesson For Schools

Designed primarily for the classroom and initially used to train professional counselors, the practical exercises for acquiring empathy skills contained in this book can be used for the benefit of students, couples, families, and people in counseling and in the workplace. Why teach and learn empathy?


The ability to have empathy for others is important as a foundation for caring and compassion and contributes to positive relationships in all areas of life, from the classroom to the living room and the boardroom. Empathy builds a sense of community and reduces the tendency to discriminate against or exclude others.


A person who is insensitive, abusive, or who bullies others can benefit from an awareness of the emotions of those who are being hurt. Children, youth, and adults will be positively impacted by learning empathy with the ten practical exercises clearly described in this book. As empathy skills are acquired by increasing numbers of individuals, beginning with the youngest, relationships and communities can become more caring as a result.