New Business Book Interviews: Organizing through Empathy: Chapter 10, The Caring Climate: How Sport Environments Can Develop Empathy in Young People


Lori A. Gano-Overway is Associate Professor in Health and Exercise Science interested in the psychosocial aspects of physical activity.  She teaches sport psychology, health and exercise psychology, motor behavior, research methods, and administration of sport and physical education programs


“By developing empathy, youth learn to attend to emotional cues, listen, become sensitive to others, understand another’s perspective, and read the needs of others, which allows them to work and live with others in community and act with compassion toward others’ needs.”  



* Introduction

* Caring Relation

* African Ethic of Ubuntu

* Creating a Caring Climate

* * Establishing Caring Interpersonal Relationships

* * Nurturing Care in Athletes

* * Developing a Caring Team

* * Developing the Caring Community

* * Building Solidarity and Harmony

* * Promoting Inclusion and Acceptance

* * Emphasizing Consensus Building and Community 

* * Decision Making

* Conclusion