Museum Commons: The Empathetic Museum: Help Widen the Conversation

Following up on  June 7 and June 29  posts on empathy in museums, six museum colleagues from a variety of areas in the field are proposing a session called “The Empathetic Museum”  for the  May 2014 American Alliance of Museums Conference in Seattle, WA.  I’m one of the panelists, so this is a shameless plea for your support.  Since some of my posts on empathy have been the most viewed in this blog’s history I’m thinking that this topic resonates with the readership and  that you’ll endorse giving attention to this topic at AAM. Since the Alliance has begun using crowd-sourcing as one way of selecting conference sessions, anyone who has an AAM Profile (don’t have to be a member) can log in to thewebsite, create a profile if they don’t have one, access proposals, and “like” the ones they would like to see on the May program Gretchen Jennings  
I’m a longtime museum professional, having worked as an educator, administrator, and exhibition project director in a variety of museums – art, history, and science.