Mind and Health: Empathy toward your fears?

You can’t prevent such fearful thoughts. They come on their own. They are generated by the plain fact that we are all vulnerable beings in this world. Our vulnerability is easily stimulated, our warning system is easily triggered, and fearful thoughts come easily into our mind. With this information, you can cultivate a new attitude toward your fearful thoughts – you can turn toward them with understanding and empathy.


At first, that may sound odd. Empathy toward your fears? Wouldn’t you prefer that they just go away and never come back? Yes, of course, and the quickest way to make them calm down and go away is to treat them with empathy. Think about a frightened child. Yelling at the child or ignoring him or her only makes things worse. Turn toward the child with empathy, and everything is better.


What is the realistic basis for this attitude of empathy toward your own fears?


by Richard Schaub