Mediating Conflict for Yourself and Others: West Coast Immersion Training Program in NVC Mediation with John Kinyon & Ike Lasater

NVC Mediation Year Long Program Promotional Call 7/1/10

Increase your skills to:

~    Return to presence and connection in the intensity of conflict

~    Facilitate people in conflict hearing each other and connecting

~    Translate judgments into a language of compassion with greater

ease and naturalness

~    Contribute to personal healing/growth for others, and yourself

~    Support people working together to get everyone’s needs met

Mediate multiple dimensions of conflict:

~      Gain powerful skills for helping people resolve conflicts

~      Successfully mediate conflicts in your own life

~      Create peace between warring voices in your own head

~      Lend your skills informally in conflict situations

~      Apply mediation skills to conflict coaching and groups

About the program

At the heart of our program is the conviction that one’s ability to be with conflict and intervene effectively involves learnable skills; and that when applied holistically a person can produce connection and compassionate resolution both internally and externally, formally and informally. The program is a learning community in which you develop the capacity for centeredness and presence in the midst of conflict and the skills to mediate from a language of compassion. Our goal by the end of the program is that you experience confidence and effectiveness responding to all aspects of conflict – within yourself, between yourself and others, and helping others who are in conflict.

The mediation process is based in the language, skills and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg. The program provides an intensive, in-depth experience mediating all types of conflict situations:

  • personal and family relationships
  • community
  • business/organizational

Emphasis is placed on seeing the relationship with conflict as a life practice of returning to presence (i.e. mindful awareness) and mediating from self-connection and clarity of requesting what we’d like to contribute to self and others.

The Immersion Program includes:

  • three 5-day intensive residential retreats over a roughly 9 month period
  • weekly telephone dyad and triad practice with fellow participants
  • individual self-connection and skill-building practices
  • monthly joint teleconference sessions over an 11 month period (includes 2 months after the 3rd retreat to support extension and integration of the training into life goals)

Cost and registration

  • Recommended prior NVC experience: A foundations of NVC class/workshop *
  • Location: Calistoga, N. California
  • Residential Retreat Cost: $600-875 per retreat, depending on type of accommodations you choose
  • Request for Tuition/Financial Support for Facilitators and Organizers: $800-1,500 for the Oct. retreat and $2,400-5000 for the year Immersion Program
  • For more information on the Oct retreat and Immersion Program:  goto or Email or call John Kinyon @ 510-222-5574
  • Next promotional telecall with Ike and John will be on Aug 30th at 6:00pm Pacific. To tune in please email for more information or go to .

* To get NVC training before the first retreat, let us know and we may be able to arrange training for you.

What is NVC mediation?

This approach focuses on facilitating understanding and connection that leads to the emergence of new possibilities and solutions. NVC mediation supports each side feeling heard to their satisfaction, both in understanding each other’s particular experience and connecting at a universal level of human needs. The process moves from thinking that creates conflict to language that reconnects people to their natural compassion – the enjoyment of contributing to one another’s well being and working together to find mutually beneficial solutions.