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 Continuing our look at imaginative empathy and how empathy is a core part of great acting, here is an interview by the Deepak Chopra Well with acting instructor Diana Castle. For 25 years she has been exploring and teaching the role of empathy in acting.  See the video and interview at


Master the Art of Empathy

“Chopra Well: You are an acting instructor and also teach empathy skills. How are empathy and acting related?

Diana Castle: Acting is all too often thought of and even encouraged to be a narcissistic profession – and yes, there are plenty of cultural narcissists today. However the truth in the art of acting is to be found in the heart of empathy. A great actor is that human being who is willing to exchange his or her personal interpretive framework for an alternative interpretive framework, or as Atticus Finch said in To Kill A Mockingbird, to walk a mile in another person’s shoes.”


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