Make Your Marketing Human-Centered with Listening and Empathy

For marketing to practice listening and empathy, there are three basic human-centered principles to keep in mind:

Focus on human insights. While sales-centric intelligence and business insights are important, companies cannot lose sight of the growing importance of gaining human-centered insights. This is especially true when you consider the growing trend of 65% or more of executives relying on subjective human factors in making critical decisions. If your research and buyer personas are not accounting for human factors and insights, then they are not providing you with the human-centered understanding needed for buyer personas to be effective.

Understand immersion. Business today must not only look at the outside world of customers, they must become immersed in this world. The status quo based on assumptions mentioned above prevents many organizations from opening up avenues for immersive experiences. Immersion calls for new means of research and understanding the use of customer ethnography.

Develop human-centered approach. ..

by Tony Zambito