Love, Hate, and Everything in Between: A Film on Empathy

Drawing upon the work of psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen, Drawing upon the work of psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen, neuroscientists Vittorio Gallese and Simone Shamay-Tsoory, futurist Jeremy Rifkin, and numerous other experts and researchers, this documentary analyzes empathy as it explores its extraordinary relevance in today’s increasingly interconnected world.


Topics include the anthropological roots of empathy; empathy-nurturing educational programs in schools; effects of hormones on the development of empathy; the spectrum of psychopathy; “us vs. them” and “in-group/out-group” mentalities; the suppression and reawakening of empathy in strife-torn regions such as Israel, Bosnia, and Rwanda; the “bystander effect”; mirror neurons; “sensitive artificial listeners”; and social entrepreneurism in a technology-facilitated empathic civilization. Immensely thought-provoking.