Listening to the KKK and converting them with empathy.

The Silver Dollar Lounge | Snap Judgment

Daryl Davis is a boogie woogie pianist who’s played with Bill Clinton, Bruce Hornsby, and Chuck Berry. But we wanted to talk to him about another group of friends of his. Daryl Davis wrote a book about his experiences with the Klan in a book called “Klan-Destine Relationships.”

Edwin Rutsch’s insight:
In this amazing story, Daryl Davis a black musican shares his story about going to the leadership of the local KKK in his area. He listen to their stores, tries to understand then and actauly befreinds them. In the long run, they end up leaving the KKK, in perhaps a large part due to his empathy. While Daryl doesn’t use the word empathy, his approach and attitude is empathic.