Linking Empathy to Health, Green-living, and Peace

Lesa Walker discusses how she has implemented a unique empathy-driven project in schools across the United States and in Ghana.


I looked to the research about positive psychology, happiness and empathy and noticed several cross-cutting themes.  There is power to effect positive change through simple, effective techniques such as increasing our daily positive intentional awareness, expressing our gratitude, holding positive thoughts in our minds and daily journaling.  I created the Olymp-i-a Challenge, utilizing these techniques to engage people in the practice of positive ideas and actions for health, green-living and peace.  The “i” and the “a” in “Olymp-i-a” stand for positive “ideas” and “actions.”… 


Empathy is expressed in many of the students’ daily ideas and actions.  They talk about helping another person or animal or helping clean up or recycle. “


By Lesa Walker