Liberals have no monopoly on compassion

Haycox says that liberals, of course, understand the problems with this approach and that “a rising tide cannot lift the boats that are tethered to the pilings.” The professor concludes by lamenting the lack of “compassionate” conservatives. Perhaps he is longing for the return of George Bush, but I think not…. 


The professor suggests that conservatives lack compassion. I’ve heard others say they are selfish and uncaring. Conservatives are used to this because most critics lack ideas and facts to back up their positions, so they just demagogue and question the other side’s morality. Most conservatives assume liberals’ intentions are good, however misguided.



Inequality’s roots deep in U.S. history
Professor Steve Haycox ;

What liberals understand is that too many inequalities in society are consciously created, are self-serving and are incompatible with real democracy. A conservatism truly compassionate would act on this same understanding.