Lessons Learned: Update in the Battle Against Domestic Violence

Join me for an “on the air” conversation with Radhika Sharma, education coordinator at Apha Ghar 

Empathize with the perpetrators? A high bar indeed, Yet empathy does not mean “agree with,” “condone,” or “excuse.” Empathy may mean withholding judgment long enough to identify the triggers specific to a given individual and intervene in such a way as to empower the individual to make the responsible choice in his words and actions.

Empathy is all about firm but semipermeable boundaries between the self and other; and empathy works best where firm boundaries are maintained, even amidst a communicability of affect.

Empathy means surfacing the fear that gets transformed into rage; surfacing the rage that leads to violence. Leadership has been missing, but fortunately is finally starting to emerge – admittedly all-too-slowly – as powerful men step up, speak up, man up, and address the issues.

BY LOU AGOSTA on MAY 2, 2015