Leadership and Empathy -4 Tips to Improve Your Capacity for Empathy – Project Eve

Empathy is not only one of the key abilities linked with great leadership, it is the new hit wonder for everybody.


4 ways to improve empathy:

Set yourself aside. Try inhibiting your own beliefs and personality and adopt the view of the other
.Ask questions. The more knowledge you have about the background and situation of others, the better your ability to take their view.
 Use your imagination. Imagination is a power of the human mind to reckon with and a key stone in empathy. Use your capacity for imagination to understand what a situation feels like for the other without getting yourself caught up in the feelings as your own. Empathy is other-directed. It is about imagining being the other, not about how you would feel in that particular situation.
 Practice. Practice. Practice. Empathizing is harder than you think, so try as often as you can to deepen your empathic understanding of others. At meetings, dinners, everyday conversations try to set aside your own view of the world, and take a dive into the feelings of the other.
 by Mette Vesterager