July Path of Empathy… (NVC Training)

Empathy as a path to Intimacy…  Alistair McKinnon


Is there anything more important than a loving intimate relationship to contribute to your well being? It is such a nourishing experience to feel connected to someone you love deeply. When it works, life can seem easy and flowing. You feel the constant support of the love of your partner…

Empathy as a path to Authentic Self Expression… – Karen Thompson-Anderson 

Speaking your truth is something that takes only the slightest shift of being but offers profound opportunity towards deep self-respect and alignment with purpose.


Speaking from your inner being (rather than your social personality) is best taken gently, allowing the layers of fear based defences to be melted slowly. These layers of self protection have taken time to build up and they have served you well in the absence of more life serving strategies. We have all met our needs for safety and connection in the best ways we knew how….