Join the Empathy Training Literature Review Project Team

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Monday, February 1, 11 am PST (Time Converter): 

Our team holds regular meetings to gather, research, share, discuss, ’empathize with’, analyze and organize academic based papers, articles and studies about teaching and training empathy.  You can add papers to our database with the Input Form. 

We are creating a meta-analysis study and paper from our findings. This project supports the development of our Empathy Training and Curriculum project.

 Join the Literature Review Team
  • Melissa Oudshoorn-Fuller (Working on Pd on empathy training. Communication Science at University of Twente, Holland)
  • Edwin Rutsch (Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy)
  • Yonty Friesem (PhD. Central Connecticut State University)
  • Xuan Zhau (PhD Candidate in Perspective Taking, Brown University)