Join Occupy Empathy Design Team: Berkeley design, planning & action

We’re forming a design team for designing the Occupy Empathy movement. We can meet online via Google hangouts and in Berkeley, California. You can join from anywhere in the world to support this movement. We are looking for empathic, caring, responsible and committed people for the core design team. 

To Join the Design Team
1. Join this event 
2. Fill out this time availability page
3. Share your interest below in the posting area.

More about Occupy Empathy 

We’re All In It Together 100% – No More ‘Us Versus Them’
Join us in building a true revolution of values beginning in downtown Berkeley. Come by for; a visit, free empathic listening, empathy circles, conflict mediation, mediation training and empathic design (human-centered design) project team building.

Offer your skills and connection building expertise. Invite your friends for an opportunity to listen, connect, hear and be heard, see and be seen, share 
and much, much more.