Joel Feldman Lecture about Compassionate Lawyering

Distracted driving, victim empathy and community outreach were the topics of a lecture given by Anapol Schwartz equity partner, Joel Feldman.


Anapol Schwartz attorney Joel Feldman spoke about distracted driving at the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association 2012-13 Luncheon Lecture Series on October 10. Feldman’s lecture, called “Distracted Driving – Litigation, Victim Empathy, and Community Outreach,” is part of an effort to educate attorneys about the nature of grief and mourning so they may better represent clients and be more empathetic and understanding members of the community.


The lecture discussed how a more compassionate approach with clients can help lawyers discover fuller details of a client’s unique story of loss so that they can better represent the client when arguing damages. Feldman gave practical suggestions concerning how to speak with, listen to and comfort someone who is in mourning.