It’s The Empathy, Stupid! – Why Entrepreneurs Can Be Jerks

…And why reading this can (literally) make you a better person.


Are you an empathetic manager? Chances are you aren’t.  A new study suggests that the more power someone feels, the less they are able to empathize. This brings a whole bunch of serious implications not just for managers, but for entire economic systems as well.


The spotlight has shone brighter on the idea of empathy in recent years. The depersonalization of relationships through the widespread use (and misuse) of social media tools, and recent political developments have all done their share to make empathy a more discussed concept than it ever was.


A quick look at Google Scholar shows that there have been 153,200 results for studies mentioning empathy from the year 1900 -2008. However, from 2009-2013 however, there have been 42,900 mentions of the word in scholarly works. There have been a third as many mentions of empathy in studies in the past four years than there have been in the previous 90. 


by Art