iThrive and the University of Utah Announce Empathy Games Competition

The University of Utah’s third annual Games4Health Challenge officially kicked off on January 11, 2016. With a total of $60,000 in prizes, the Games4Health Challenge invites gaming and health teams from across the globe to address real-world challenges facing well-being, home health and clinical needs via game design. The iThrive Empathy Challenge is one of five sponsored challenges, and will provide US$8,000 in prizes for the development of concepts for digital games that seek to promote empathy in adolescents. 

The contest is open to developers worldwide, with no entry fee. Each team must contain at least one student; games must be digital and available to play on the web, and in English. Full contest rules, including explanations and metrics for empathy, and a list of required contest deliverables are available online at . Individuals and teams can register to compete at