Is the capacity for empathy a weakness in a CEO?

Evidence is mounting that it might be so. The latest is the portrait of a man who many consider to be the best CEO today in America—if not the world—Jeff Bezos.

…Ronson argues that many of the psychopathic traits are conducive for success as a CEO. Besides lack of empathy, which is crucial, “other positive traits for psychopaths in business is need for stimulation, proneness to boredom. 

 …Rather, in such scenarios—which are all too common when the economy is not doing well—empathy and listening skills are more a hindrance than a necessity, no matter that self-styled management gurus like to play up such traits as critical leadership qualities. 

…Clearly, stuff like empathy is of no consequence in the context of such stupendous achievement. In the prevailing business ethos, it is bound to be considered as a drawback diluting the CEO’s focus on maximizing shareholder value.

G. Sampath