International Empathy Trainers Association: Co-Design Meeting Report: July 6, 2016

Here is a partial report from yesterday’s July 6, 2016 IETA meeting. View full report and video at:


What does an ideal IETA look like to you?

  • a group that provides support, outreach, training, professional development, etc to various different organizations.
  •  a body that creates and upholds professional standards for empathy training and development.
  • work to promote empathy as a valued practice in classrooms, workplaces, etc.
  •  create realistic goals and benchmarks for trainees and have understanding of schedules and difficulties 
  • work to achieve an ease of access to materials/empathy professionals – offer online training, in person professional development, conferences, team building, etc.  Not a “one size fits all” deal.
  • supports and believes the idea that empathic relationships should go both ways – should not just be a top down endeavor.  
  • publicize empathy’s successes
  •  highlight how empathy is a utilizable 21st century skill.  
  • experiment with different approaches on how to tap into and teach empathy.  This could range from things like mindfulness to initiative and confidence training to wilderness experiences.