Intern Overview

We want everyone to have access to our training and we appreciate that not everyone is sufficiently financially resourced.

There is a considerable investment in providing these training by us, both financial and personal so we offer people the opportunity to intern in exchange for attending a specific training.

In exchange for full participation in a training we may ask of you any or all of the following;

  • Attending the sessions an hour before, and up to an hour after the listed start and end time on each day
  • Assistance with room preparation (removal of tables, placement of chairs, setting up small items of equipment.)
  • Assistance setting up the morning tea and lunch area.
  • Assistance packing up the training, morning tea and lunch areas.
  • Assistance with the distribution of name badges and participant welcome and orientation.

If you are unable or unwilling to safely assist as described above and have another exchange suggestion please contact us on 1300 778 778 during normal business hours.