In A Rapidly Changing Workplace, One Surprising Skill Helps You Stay Adaptable

Tom Monahan serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of CEB. 

What would you say ‘empathy’ really means for you – personally and professionally – in the course of your life?

Two things in particular: one, we’re a company that has invented a new set of business models over the past 25-30 years. Most of them are built upon working backward from our perception of a need rather than looking forward from something that we knew how to do.

So the first step is to empathize with the needs of the market, and usually if we’re doing our job right, empathize with the higher order needs of the market — asking ourselves not what product or service someone wants, but rather what ambitions do they have, and what do they want to get done?


 I think empathy matters a lot

from a talent management perspective internally,

in leading people.


by Joey Katona,