How to Increase Your Compassion Bandwidth

Many of us assume that we only have so much compassion to spare. But research says we can build our capacity to alleviate suffering.


Compassion is a powerful moral emotion—it moves us to care for the suffering of others, and enables us to live cooperatively with one another.


Yet we live in a society of constant connection, in which the successes and sorrows of others are brought to us instantly through phones, computers, TV, radio, and newspapers. With that increased connection comes the risk of becoming overwhelmed or overburdened by our emotions. Fearing exhaustion, we turn off ourcompassion.


But my research suggests we can actually expand our compassion bandwidth without hurting ourselves. As the science of compassion develops, we can find empirically supported ways to cultivate and sustain compassion when it is needed the most.


By C. Daryl Cameron


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