How to Improve Your Relationship Using Empathy

Does your partner often get mad at you for not realizing when he/she is sad, excited, angry, annoyed, hungry, horny, or recently got a haircut? Then you, my friend, might have a low emotional intelligence.


You may  have seen the emotional intelligence quiz from the New York Times that was floating around last week. (Uh, humblebrag! I totally read the NYTimes). The quiz tested how well you can read emotions just by looking at photos of people’s eyes. Turns out that shiz is hard! But it goes without saying, emotional intelligence, otherwise known as empathy, is a pretty necessary ingredient in a happy relationship…


So fear not, friends, empathy doesn’t have to be so elusive. And remember, if all else fails, plastering a smile on your face and offering a foot rub is always just as good as actually caring.


by Laura Willcox